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The Burdick Family on vacation in Provincetown, Mass on the tip of Cape Cod.

Note from Alexis:

I am Alexis  Burdick and this is my amazing family: Husband – Branden and Kids – Adya & Clara.

JoCo Living was an idea that came out of the loss of our local news source, Sun Publications, and the lack of community building information and events for my family to read and grow on. Our metro news source, KC Star, just isn’t getting into the fantastic fun going on in our vibrant suburban community.

During the day I enjoy teaching visual art at an SMSD middle school. It is always exciting to show up in the mornings, not quite knowing what will happen. I’ve probably seen it all. You can view my teacher blog here: http://alexisburdick.wordpress.com/.

JoCo Living is a family project. Not only does my husband help with some of the event coverage, news editing and posting, but my mother, Nancy Meis, is the regular news poster. She scours her sources for local, interesting, informative and positive news from our community. Yes, I said “positive”. One of our goals at JoCo Living is to highlight the amazingly cool things happening in Johnson County’s cities. As I’m sure you are all well aware, there are enough sources for us to get the “bad” news from, anywhere we want to find bad news it’s there.

My mom and I are fairly artsy and crafty. We love Pinterest. Here are our Pinterest boards: http://pinterest.com/alexistmb/?d (mine) & http://pinterest.com/curlyglass/ (my mom’s). She also has an Etsy site with a few of her one of a kind, handcrafted jewelry pieces as well as a few vintage offerings. Visit her on Etsy at http://www.etsy.com/shop/CurlyGlassToes. For those of you who also enjoy a little art and craft time you will often find tutorials from us and local crafters.

As I tell my middle school students: “Learning makes you interesting.” So please enjoy yourself on JoCo Living. We are always happy to hear from you. Feel free to drop us story ideas, suggestions, or “I loved your article” notes anytime. My email is alexistheresa@gmail.com.

Live. Love. Flourish.


Alexis Burdick

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