The Tasteful Olive Downtown Overland Park The Tasteful Olive
7945 Santa Fe Dr
Overland Park, KS
(913) 649-7900
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Over 60 oils and vinegars to sample before you buy! Gourmet accessory items like pastas, olives, spice blends, sea salts, sauces, pestos, bruschettas, tapenades, bread mixes, natural cane flavored sugars, jams and pepper jellies, books and recipe books, cruets, kitchen gadgets, dipping dishes, plates and platters.

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  1. Our store is filled with such true healthy oils and vinegars! The olive oils are all Extra Virgin, tested to their highest of 10 testing standards after the olives were pressed into oil within 3-4 hours of the “crush” (the harvest). We have unflavored olive oils from the most recent harvests, fused and infused (flavored) ones. The balsamic vinegars are aged in Italy up to 12 or 18 years then flavored naturally with fruit, herb or spices. The baslamic is made from white trebbiano grapes that grow only in Italy. No sugar, sulphites or molasses is added. You have the best of the best available in this country with both the oils and vinegars!


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